Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your studio named M. C. Kinney Photography when that isn't your name?

In 1947, Frank J. Pechman opened F. J. Pechman Photography at the previous downtown location. Milton Kinney worked for Frank for almost 20 years before purchasing the studio from him in 1984. At this time, Milt changed the studio's name to the current name. When I purchased the studio from Milt in 2000, I kept the name and decided to brand it as a lasting and respected name in the Fox Valley area.

Today, M. C. Kinney Photography is the oldest portrait and commercial studio in Outagamie County. While all the owners were not related by blood, all have their Master Photographers Degree through the Professional Photographers of America and have held honored positions in the Regional and State photography organizations with a long-standing tradition of quality portraits and business professionalism.


What is a Certified and Master Photographer and why is this important to me?

Certification is a Professional Photographers of America program designed to aid potential clients in choosing a qualified professional. To become Certified, a photographer must pass a stringent technical test in their field of photography and submit 20 images of their clients work to be reviewed by an international panel of judges. 

The Master of Photography Degree is earned through international print competitions and learning experiences. A total of 25 Merit points must be accumulated to achieve ones Masters in addition to being Certified (this requirement is no longer required). A minimum of 13 images must receive a score of 80 or higher to qualify as a Merit print. The remaining Merits can be through print judging or by attending on-going educational functions. Of the 27,000 Professional Photographers of America members in the world (the largest organization of its kind), there are only approximately 4,000 Certified Master Photographers.

As a professional photographer, I want my clients to know that when they hire M. C. Kinney Photography and Tracy Van Zeeland, they are hiring someone that knows how to get the job done in a timely manner. This is why I continue to attend about 15 days of seminars a year to stay current with the trends and technical changes of this photography industry.


What kinds of photography do you do?

My specialties are Santa Storybook Art, high school senior photography, family portraits, commercial photography, and children photography. I also photograph business executives, sports, dance and group photography, school pictures, events, newborn and maternity, pet photography, restoration, tabletop product photography, liquid photography, and Light Painting. 


Can I purchase digital files to print myself?

I am a Print Artist for the most part, but yes, digital files can be purchased for certain types of sessions for a fee. As a Portrait Professional and Artist, I want to insure that my clients receive a product that they will always be able to view and enjoy. For this reason, I sell mostly physical products, including Gallery Wraps, Coffee Table Books, Metal Images and Prints. You can also earn or purchase social media images (low resolution files posted on facebook, then tagged to be used on other social platforms) from your session. As a Portrait Professional, I don't feel I'm being fair to my clients if I don't complete the job and provide them with images they can access for generations to come.